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Loose Tea vs Bag Tea

Loose Tea vs Bag Tea

Loose Tea vs Bag TeaCurrently, Arbor Teas sells loose leaf tea only.  This means that none of our tea is contained in a teabag, but arrives at your doorstep packaged in its original "loose" form.  We only offer loose leaf tea because we specialize in sourcing high-quality whole leaf tea, which is principally available in loose leaf form.  The main difference between whole leaf tea and the tea found in a teabag is its method of production.  Both whole leaf tea and bagged tea begin with a tea leaf from the same plant, camellia sinensis. 

The tea leaf can be processed using one of two methods, orthodox or CTC. Orthodox production is used to create the whole leaf teas that we offer at Arbor Teas, while CTC production is used primarily in mass-market teabags. Orthodox production, whether done by hand or machine, generally preserves the integrity of the tea leaf. On the other hand, CTC manufacturing (or “crush-tear-curl”) uses machines to mince, shred or crush the leaf. Both methods can produce excellent teas, but the orthodox method is considered the more “traditional,” and results in tea that is generally more complex in flavor and aroma.

Loose Tea in a T-SacBut teabags are so convenient!” Yes, they allow us to remove tea leaves from our cup quickly and easily after brewing.  But never fear, loose leaf tea can be brewed just as easily!  We recommend creating do-it-yourself teabags with our T-sacs, or investing in a reusable infuser (included in every starter kit or sold separately).  With these items, you can steep your tea and remove the leaves just as easily as with the traditional teabag. 

Got questions?  Check out our easy step-by-step guide on How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea.