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Storing Tea

When Stored Properly, Our Tea Will
Remain Fresh For Up to One Year
After You Receive It.

Storing Tea

storing-tea-img-2.jpgTea easily absorbs moisture and scents, so it's imperative that tea is stored in an airtight container, away from strong-smelling items. For instance, avoid storing tea in the spice cabinet. Because light can also impair the quality of tea, storage containers should be opaque (unless stored away from light).

When stored properly, Arbor Teas tea will stay fresh for up to one year after you receive it.  Beyond one year your tea will begin to lose flavor. If left in unopened Arbor Teas packaging, your tea will also remain fresh for up to one year.  After you open your Arbor Teas bag and transfer its contents to a storage container, don’t forget to compost your bag!

Wonder how our backyard compostable packaging works with storage canisters? We’ve created a step by step by step guide on How to Use Our Packaging.