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How to Use Your
Arbor Teas Packaging

Easy Step by Step Guide!

How to Use Your Arbor Teas Packaging

  • Before You Begin
  • Step 1: Open Your Bag
  • Step 2: Store Your Tea
  • Step 3: Compost Package

Why Arbor Teas Packaging is Different

Let us introduce you to our backyard compostable packaging!

Composed of a cellulose film made from wood pulp sourced from sustainably-managed trees and two hemp-based or sugar cane-based labels adhered with an innovative compostable adhesive, our packaging is better than most compostable packaging available in today’s marketplace which is only truly compostable in industrial settings optimized for rapid breakdown.

By contrast, the films and labels used for Arbor Teas’ packaging can actually breakdown in a backyard compost setting. Now, you can compost your used tea leaves AND packaging in your home composting system!

For more details on our compostable packaging, visit our Guided Tour of Arbor Teas Packaging.


Open your Arbor Teas Package Open your Arbor Teas Package

Step One: When you are ready to brew your first cup of tea, cut open your package.

An unopened bag will keep your tea fresh for up to one year.


Store Your Tea for FreshnessStore Your Tea for Freshness

Step Two: After you have opened your bag, transfer your loose leaf tea to an opaque, airtight container to maintain maximum freshness.


Compost Packaging in your BackyardCompost Packaging in your Compost Bin

Step Three: Compost package in your compost bin or compost heap with your used tea leaves.

Depending on your location and weather, your package should completely compost within 3 -4 months.

Don’t have a compost heap yet?  Check here for an informative article from the Arbor Teas Blog on How to Compost Tea and other Organics in a Home Compost Pile.