Chinese Tea Pronunciation: “Green Tea”

In this edition of our guide to the proper pronunciation of Chinese tea terms, we give you another basic, albeit very important, term: “green tea“!


Meaning: If you saw our first installment in this pronunciation series, the second part of this word should seem familiar to you! It is “chá” from before, the word for tea. By adding another character before “chá,” we arrive at the term “green tea,” which is the most commonly imbibed type of tea in China!

Pronunciation: Together the term for green tea is “lü chá.” The pronunciation of the first character is a little tricky.  Technically, it is written as “lü” and pronounced as a combination of the sounds “lee” and “loo,” in a manner sort of like the German umlaut.   The tonality for this is somewhat more difficult as well.  Where “chá” started low in pitch and moved higher, like a question, “lü” moves from high to low in pitch.  It is sort of the reverse of the tonality for “chá.”

Alright, now head out to your favorite cafe and practice what you’ve learned over a nice pot of lü chá, and get ready for our next installment, “black tea“!

November 05 2010 10:00 am | Tea Pronunciation

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