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<h1>Matcha Affogato</h1>
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<p>An Italian favorite, traditionally an affogato is made with vanilla ice cream or gelato, with a shot of espresso poured over it. The word "affogato" actually means "drowned" in Italian, and what could be better than drowning ice cream in a delicious beverage? For this recipe, we put a tea spin on this elegant dessert. Instead of espresso, drown your ice cream in a thick shot of matcha. <span>Grassy and smooth matcha compliments creamy sweet ice cream for a simple treat that is easy to make whenever a matcha or ice cream craving hits!</span></p>
<p>Preparing your matcha with hot water will create the "drowned" effect over ice cream, melting it to a beautiful yin and yang of ice cream and matcha. But if you're partial to a less melty treat, prepare your matcha with cold water. Our favorite ice cream choice is a coconut vanilla, but we can imagine that vanilla bean, chocolate, strawberry or raspberry would be lovely, too!</p>
<p><em>Serves 2</em></p>
<li>2 tsp organic <a href="https://www.arborteas.com/organic-matcha-green-tea-cooking-grade.html">Cooking Grade Matcha</a></li>
<li>4 scoops ice cream (we used coconut vanilla, but choose your favorite!)</li>
<li>~3oz water</li>
<li>Sift two teaspoons of matcha into a matcha bowl, or a low and flat bowl.&nbsp;</li>
<li>Add about 3oz of water to bowl - can be hot or cold!</li>
<li>Whisk matcha into water, either using a bamboo whisk, electric whisk, or small kitchen whisk. The mixture should be slightly thick.</li>
<li>Put two scoops of ice cream in two bowls.</li>
<li>Pour matcha slowly over ice cream, and dig in!</li>
<p><em>Recipe by Arbor Teas Staff</em></p>
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