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Arbor Teas Storage Tin Bulk

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This loose leaf tea storage tin bears a hinged, latching lid and gasket to provide serious protection of your tea from air, light and moisture. The larger of our two storage tins, this one measures 6.5 inches H and 3.6 inches D, and is sized to almost fit one of our bulk-sized tea packages.

Note: In many circumstances, an entire bulk-sized tea package will not fit fully in this tin. If you are searching for a storage container that will comfortably fit all of our bulk size tea packages, we recommend the Arbor Teas Stainless Steel Storage Canister.

Made in China.

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  1. Excellent Tea Storage

    Posted by Janet Binion on 22nd Apr 2014

    Anyone who knows anything about tea knows that light and air will kill the flavor. This large, air-tight stainless-steel canister will keep tea tasting like it should for a long time after purchasing it.

  2. Solid Construction, Worthwhile Purchase

    Posted by Kachelmyer on 6th Jan 2013

    These bulk storage tins are well made, not flimsy, and a worthwhile investment to keep teas fresh. Arbor Teas includes a convenient label with each tea purchased which can slip around a canister for easy identification. This is my first time purchasing from this company, but their quality and attention to details is impressive.

  3. Great storage containers

    Posted by Graham Friday on 22nd May 2012

    These things do exactly that they're supposed to, plain and simple. They make storing tea a breeze and the combination of an airtight seal and dark enclosure ensures that your tea will stay fresh for as long as possible. I only purchase this larger size of container, and then I have more flexibility with the quantities of tea that I order. Great for preserving your tea's freshness, definitely give them a try

  4. Attractive, airtight storage

    Posted by L. A. Boylan on 29th Nov 2011

    I love the seal on this container--it's airtight and secure, and easy to open and close. And I did fit an entire bulk package of Ti Kuan Yin oolong. It took a bit of gentle tapping, but it all fit.

  5. 5 for revising description :-)

    Posted by Joan Livingston-Webber on 18th Aug 2011

    These are great storage tins--I really do wish I could empty a bulk bag into one. But I'm very happy with the seal. It is truly airtight. Thanks.

  6. High Quality Container

    Posted by Lukasz on 9th Mar 2011

    The tin is of excellent quality. The hinge mechanism and inner rubber gasket provide a very sturdy tight fit. I have no doubt my tea is not being exposed to light or air. The other reviewer gave this container only 3/5 stars because of the inability to fit a bulk size bag of tea into it rather than actually rate the product for its functionality. However I would suggest Aubrey or Jeremy revise the description. I recently purchased four bulk bags of tea (black green oolong and chamomile) and NONE of them fit into a single container. I almost managed to get the chamomile to fit but that's because the flowers are highly compressible. In short rest assured this container is of very high quality but there is a very high probability you won't fit a bulk bag of tea into it.

  7. Nice but not big enough

    Posted by Joan Livingston-Webber on 9th Jan 2011

    I bought three of these and they are of good quality but they do not not hold a bulk bag of Arbor tea for any of the three teas I buy. I have anywhere from about 2/3 C to 1 1/2 C left in the bags which are now resealed and in the freezer. That's disappointing.