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T Sac Tea Bags

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Sometimes the convenience of a tea bag is just too tempting. Unfortunately, some of the tea that comes in pre-packaged tea bags is of lower quality, involving mainly fannings and dust. With the T-Sac, you don't have to settle for lower quality tea for the sake of convenience. Perfect for making your own tea bags, the T-sac can be filled with high quality whole leaf loose tea. Available in multiple sizes, T-sacs are great for everything from a single serving to a large tea pot or iced tea pitcher. T-sacs feature a gusseted bottom that allows the tea to expand as it steeps, and a large flap that folds over the rim of your cup or teapot, keeping the T-Sac from slipping into your brew. Better yet, T-Sacs are chlorine free.

We now carry four sizes of T-Sacs, sizes 1 through 4. Size 1 is best used for single servings of smaller-sized tea leaves; Size 2 can be used for single servings of any size tea leaf or a 1-4 cup teapot; Size 3 is sized for 3-8 cup teapots; and Size 4 does the trick for 6-12 cup teapots or large iced tea pitchers. Each box contains 100 tea filters.  

Please Note: we are transitioning from selling T-sac tea bags to our new TeaBrew tea bags, which are manufactured closer to home (in Canada!).  If your preferred tea bag size is not available in the T-sac, please check its availability in our TeaBrew tea bags.

Made in Germany.

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  1. 12 oz. cup

    Posted by Nancy Fitch on 26th Oct 2015

    I had wanted size 2 but they were out of stock. So I tried size 1. It's actually difficult to get dried tea into the tiny pouch. And tea leaves don't have room to 'float ' around. Was wondering what else is available out there for tea-on-go ? Besides the metal mesh type of infusers. T-sacks will do in a pinch.

  2. Size 2 Works great for Tall cups and multiple Steeps

    Posted by Jordan L on 16th Jan 2015

    Size two works great, you can load in a little more than recommended for extra flavor strength or larger amounts. I've loaded about 2 tablespoons with plenty of space, even with the fluffy chamomille, and the bag is steepable at least 3 times with just about full flavor. Great buy.

  3. Sometimes A Tea Bag's Just The Thing

    Posted by Janet Binion on 2nd Jan 2015

    I love brewing tea for myself in my 16-oz teapots or in my infuser if I want just 8 ounces. I've got 4-cup and 6-cup tea pots for company, but they only work when everyone wants the same kind of tea. Since I've got several different teas, these chlorine-free tea bags work great when each guest wants a different flavor. Thank you, Arbor Teas for giving us the option of tea bags to be filled from our bulk containers.

  4. Works on my smallest peppermint tea

    Posted by Amy on 6th Nov 2014

    It works great for my "Calming" tea created by the big name beauty salon brand. They use the smallest peppermint, almost a powder and these bags work great to keep the leaves out of my cup! I've also used these bags to strain lemon juice as I am not a fan of pulp. They stay open relatively easy. I ordered a size 2 and they are larger than say a store bought tea bag, but for me that makes them easier to use.

  5. Does it's job

    Posted by Lauren on 20th May 2013

    These are nice quality tea filters, and I appreciate that they're chlorine free. However, I ordered the size 1 for single-cup brewing, and the bag doesn't open up as much as I'd like to. I don't feel like I get the full flavor of the tea out of these bags. Perhaps the size 2 would be better for that.

  6. Perfect for on the go tea!

    Posted by Neil on 12th Mar 2013

    Although the T Sac Tea Bags are not perfect compared to an infuser but they are perfect for on the go. They provide a quick and easy replacement for an infuser without losing the quality of tea the infuser makes.

  7. Great for Travel

    Posted by Madalyn Gregory on 1st Sep 2012

    While these don't open up as much as pyramid bags, they still serve their purpose. I'll be using them when travelling or when I want to serve friends tea since I don't own a large teapot.

  8. Good in a pinch

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Aug 2012

    I purchased the size one t-sacs since they were recommended for single servings. I think these will be great for travel or on the go but I won't be using them at home. I was hoping that they would be a little roomier to allow the tea leaves to really open up. I use two for one cup and it gets the job done.

  9. t-sac

    Posted by Steve Kaye on 18th Aug 2011

    This is a great product. I use it for all of my tea. And I plan to buy more with my next order.

  10. Great for trips

    Posted by Joan Livingston-Webber on 18th Aug 2011

    These are better than infusers for using in motels. I always end up with tea leaves going down the drains since motels often don't have drain screens. With these, I can still use the good leaf teas and not feel guilty that I'm clogging the sink drain for the next traveler. I really like them. I also use them to make sun tea. Just add a piece of tape to keep the leaves from floating out, and drop a few in a 1/2 gallon jar.

  11. T-sacs rock!

    Posted by Delia Liuzza on 31st May 2009

    I own a tea shop and we use T-Sacs all the time for tea to go. Makes life super easy and gives us the option of mixing teas in one bag. We use all sizes here but mostly sizes 2 and 4.

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