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Yerba Mate Black Gourd

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Throughout South America, yerba mate is traditionally drank from a hollowed out calabash gourd, using a filtered straw called a "bombilla" to strain the loose yerba mate while sipping. Our Yerba Mate Gourds are handmade in Argentina, and fitted with a metal rim. While each gourd has a unique shape, they generally stand at just over 3 inches in height, and are one of the most essential of the loose tea accessories used for mate.

Please note: traditional gourds such as these need to be "cured" before their first use. Simply fill the gourd with boiling water to just below the metal rim and two teaspoons of yerba mate and let stand for 24 hours.  This will cause the gourd to expand and seal tightly with the rim preventing future leaking, and it will soften the inner membranes. After 24 hours, remove the yerba mate and water, and any loose interior wall by "scratching" the walls of the gourd with a small spoon. Let dry and it's ready for use!  

Additionally, please remember these gourds begin as a living plant. As a result, they can mold. Do not be alarmed. To prevent mold, simply rinse the gourd well with warm water after each use and let dry overnight. To remove mold inside of the gourd, rinse with a little lemon juice, then boiling water, and let air dry (preferably in the sun). After mulitple uses yerba mate can sometimes leave a green tint inside of the gourd which is not mold, but staining from the color of the leaves.

Made in Argentina.

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