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3 Signs That Kombucha Fermentation Is Going Well

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A brief final word on brewing your own kombucha, for those of your who have embarked upon making your own but need some reassurance that it's going as expected.  Here are a few signs that kombucha fermentation is going well:

- > A new SCOBY “daughter” is growing on the top as a smooth film. After 2 or 3 batches, she’s ready to be separated from the “mother” and used to make new kombucha. Keep the daughter as a backup (she can be stored in the refrigerator, covered in ½ cup of kombucha) or give her to a friend.

- > Nothing that looks like bread mold is growing on the surface. (NEVER SMELL ANY MOLD! All mold reproduce via microscopic spores; inhaling these can lead to a severe respiratory infection.)

- > The brew has a slight, tart vinegar aroma.