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Free Shirt Alert! Which Tea Personality Are You?

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We love our customers and we want to feature you on the Customer Community page of our new website (coming soon!). We'll even send you a FREE t-shirt as a thank you for your participation.

Although tea brings us all together, we are not all alike - and we want to celebrate those wonderful differences. After years of customer anecdotes, we’ve summed up the five most common “tea personalities” - which one are you? Read on to find out!

To be included on our Customer Community page (and to receive your free t-shirt), send us an email at info@arborteas.com with the following:

1. Your first name

2. Which tea personality fits you best

3. Your favorite thing about Arbor Teas

4. A clear photo of you

Once we hear from you, we’ll be in touch to get your t-shirt size and shipping info. Your words and photo will be proudly featured on our Customer Community page once our new website is launched!

The Serene Steeper

Serene Steepers prepare tea as a lifestyle. Although guided by best practices, Serene Steepers are not wed to the rules and are more likely to prepare tea according to their mood. Tea is usually enjoyed in tandem with another activity like reading a book, having a conversation or enjoying the view.

The Serious Steeper

Serious Steepers are studious. They research the precise methods to brew tea and implement them. Serious Steepers want to enjoy and document the unique characteristics of individual teas. Occasionally prone to carrying personal thermometers, they often “educate” bystanders on proper water temperature and steeping time.

The Super Steeper

Super Steepers pride themselves on getting the most out of their tea leaf. They purposefully steep their tea for long periods of time using boiling hot water. The resulting super brew is strong and caffeinated. Only in this way, can Super Steepers extract all the greatness from the leaf.

The Sidetracked Steeper

Sidetracked Steepers begin with the intent to brew tea a certain way, but find themselves distracted by life. Inconsistency is the only constant. Sometimes the result is a fantastic cup of tea, sometimes not. Either way, it goes down the hatch while on-the-go.

The Simple Steeper

All teas are created equal in the Simple Steeper’s preparation of tea. No need for honey, no need for milk. Tea leaves are sometimes strained, sometimes not, but always appreciated. Simple Steepers re-steep frequently and often do so by simply adding new leaves on top of the old leaves. Easy as that.

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