Saultman Artisan Teapot

Ceramic teapot bold design and unique blend of hand-cast elements

Saultman Artisan Teapot
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Saultman Artisan Teapot

Saultman Teapots

These modern handmade teapots are designed and produced exclusively for Arbor Teas by a small pottery studio in the Detroit area run by award-winning master potter, Dan Saultman. These stylish teapots are crafted with a blend of cast elements and hand-shaped parts that make each teapot a unique piece of functional art. The white stoneware clay is fired in a gas kiln at 2300F to insure a strong finished clay body and sealed with handmade glazes. The elegant stainless steel banding around the top rim adds a special touch that makes this teapot a real stand out. Each teapot is stamped with the artist's signature on the bottom. Available in golden bamboo and variegated denim.

Dan Saultman was born in Flint, Michigan. He received his degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY and was an auto body designer for General Motors in Detroit before being drafted into the Army during the Vietnam war. He developed an interest in pottery and the clay arts while in Germany during his military service. He set up his first studio in Howell, Michigan in the mid-1970s. His current pottery studio, ClayMasters, focuses on functional, traditional forms with a nod to industrial design aesthetics. His clay-work is distinguished by his gas firing kiln, handmade glazes, and original designs. Please note: because each teapot is individually handmade, variations in shape and color can occur and are celebrated! Additionally, these teapots do not have an internal filter. We do not use a filter with this teapot, but if you prefer to use an infuser to separate your tea leaves, we recommend our small T-sac Conical Infuser or Stainless Steel Tea Filter.

All glazes are non-toxic and lead free.

Holds about 25 oz.

Made in the USA.


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