Lockwood Artisan Teapot

Ceramic teapot featuring a lovely floral design and built-in strainer

Lockwood Artisan Teapot
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Lockwood Artisan Teapot


These beautiful, hand-thrown teapots are the perfect combination of form and function! Each element of the teapot is hand molded by artist Kandace Lockwood to create a perfect no-drip spout, a comfortable wide handle, a beautifully crafted body, and a lovely lid that fits perfectly on top. Individually handmade right here in the USA, these stoneware teapots are true works of art that will add beauty to any table. We are particularly smitten with the glaze resist print-making technique that Kandace uses to create the paisley pattern.

Arbor Teas was introduced to Kandace by one of our customers and we immediately fell in love with her pottery. Living in Clinton, New York, Kandace is dedicated to making a pottery line of high-quality functional objects that incorporate color and pattern. Kandace marks the base of each teapot with her initials.

Please note: because each teapot is individually handmade, variations in color and shape can occur and are celebrated! Additionally, these teapots have an internal built-in filter at the base of the spout. This filter may not remove small tea leaves. If you prefer to use an infuser that will remove all tea leaves with this teapot, we recommend our small T-sac Conical Infuser or Stainless Steel Tea Filter.

Available in red-brick, wheat, and dark brown. Holds about 25 oz.

Made in the USA.

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  • 5
    Love It!

    Posted by Jan on 1st Dec 2016

    So far my favorite Pot, it's both Beautiful and Functional.

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    Adore it

    Posted by Rebecca Kahn on 18th Jul 2014

    I just opened my birthday teapot (wheat), and I simply adore it. It is really beautiful to look at, and I love how the long spout and generous handle balance each other visually. Round pot belly shape to bowl is pretty lovely too. Color gorgeous. I immediately filled it with water and then tested how many of my big cups of tea I could get out of it - 2 large or 3 small cups, which is exactly what I was hoping it would pour (for those who care, I also measured that the pot almost exactly 4 cups of water - but test did not include tea leaves). Also, not a single drip when I poured (which is actually not as common an occurrence amongst teapots as you might think, or hope). Handle is spacious and comfy in the hand, long spout makes pouring easy, lid stays on top when pouring. There is a delicate little crimp in the hole of the spout which may be the reason for the no-drip pouring, but I don't know enough physics to test that! Kandace must be a tea drinker, AND she must truly have studied the art of tea to have designed such a perfect teapot, and it's a work of art as well. Thank you!!!

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    Love it!

    Posted by Sharon Barnett on 22nd Aug 2013

    I treated myself to the turquoise version of this teapot and couldn't be happier -- it is also beautiful sitting out on the countertop! I am using the stainless steel extra-fine tea infuser, which fits in the top of the pot well, and can even put the lid of the teapot over the top of the infuser for a fairly tight fit. The teapot has a very smooth pour, with no hot tea leaking over the top or dribbling from the spout, which has been a problem with my iron teapots. So, Arborteas and Kandace, how about some teacups to match?

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