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Cloudy Iced Tea?

And Answers to Other Common Problems.
Too Weak, Strong, or Bitter?

Cloudy Iced Tea? Too Weak, Strong or Bitter?

Cloudy Iced Tea

Cloudy Iced Tea TipsOccasionally, homemade iced tea can become cloudy, either because of the type of tea being used, or because it was chilled too rapidly. But here's the thing: It's absolutely okay if your iced tea clouds! It doesn't taste any different, and it's just as good for you as unclouded iced tea.

In a nutshell, tea clouds when chilled because the various tea solids that are dissolved in the water precipitate and become visible (sorry if that sounds a bit too much like chemistry class!). Tea made from good loose tea leaves will typically have lots of tea solids, so we suggest that you not be too worried about cloudiness.

But if you just want a nice clear glass of iced tea, make sure to cool your tea gradually or use the eco friendly cold-brew method.  Also, try using teas from the Nilgiri region of India - they seem to resist clouding better than other tea varieties.

Other Common Problems: Tips if Your Iced Tea Suffers from Being Too Weak, Too Strong or Too Bitter

Preparing Iced TeaToo Weak?
If your iced tea comes out too weak, increase the amount of tea you use (not the length of infusion), decrease the amount of ice or water you dilute it with, or try serving it with ice cubes made from iced tea.

Too Strong?
If your iced tea comes out too strong, decrease the amount of tea you use (not the length of infusion) or increase the amount of ice or water you dilute it with.

Too Bitter?
If your iced tea comes out too bitter, it may be that you're using too much tea, but more than likely you're steeping it too long.  Try adjusting the amount of tea you use and the steeping time. Simply flip over the white tea label on your Arbor Teas bag to find our suggested serving size per 8 oz cup of iced tea. If you continue to have problems with bitterness while using the traditional hot brew method, we suggest trying the eco-friendly cold brew method which results in a much more mellow cup of iced tea.