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5 Aspects of Enjoying Dragonwell Tea

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Dragonwell Tea is unlike any other tea and is regarded the tea of the royalty. There are several things to look out for when enjoying this special tea:

Dragonwell Tea or Lung Ching Tea is known for its delicate flavor. It is smooth and sweet but with a hint of chestnut and has a long-lasting, pleasant after-taste. This nutty flavor is said to intensify over storage time. Good-quality Dragonwell Tea is should not be bitter or grassy unless over-steeped. When steeping, it is best to use filtered water to reduce any chemical influence on the natural taste of the tea. The great thing about Dragonwell Tea is that it is good for 3 to 5 steepings. In fact, it is believed that the second round is often the best.

Dragonwell Tea has a sweet, strong chestnut aroma. A significantly weakened aroma indicates deterioration of the tea leaves. To avoid deterioration it is important to store the leaves in a cool but dry area, away from sunlight (our tea storage tins work well for this).

The color of the leaves are generally a bright jade green and produce a pale yellow brew. However, some tea leaf types may be more yellow than others, depending on the region it is produced in. So it is important for tea importers to do some research on the type of Dragonwell Tea they are purchasing to avoid fakes or inferior-quality leaves.

The tea leaf’s size usually correlates to the delicacy of the flavor. Dragonwell tea is produced from plucking the youngest buds and leaves possible. Generally, the smaller the leaves are, the more delicate the flavor. It is a pleasure to watch the first steep of these leaves; they unfurl to regain their original shape and often will ‘stand up’ vertically in the water.

While Dragonwell Tea is great when enjoyed on its own, it’s also a great accompaniment to certain foods. It is best enjoyed with delicate foods like soft cheeses or even smoked meat dishes. The Dragonwell Tea leaves are also great for cooking. A great place to start is with our recipe for  Dragonwell Chicken Noodle soup!

Now that you’re an expert on Dragonwell green tea tasting, try some of our Dragonwell Tea and tell us what you think of the flavor and aroma!