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The 5 Personalities of Tea - Which Are You?

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Here at Arbor Teas we have had a lot of time to observe the brewing techniques of our customers and ourselves.  In a fit of summertime fun and laughter, we created the top 5 Personalities of Tea.  Which are you?

We made a Facebook poll to keep track of which steeper is the most common! Let us know which Tea Personality YOU are by Monday, July 8, and we'll enter you in a drawing to win a free Arbor Teas T-shirt.  The winner will be announced on our Facebook page on Wednesday, July 10!

Super Steeper

The Super Steeper Super Steepers pride themselves on getting the “most” out of their tea leaf. They purposefully steep their tea for long periods of time using boiling hot water. The resulting super brew is strong and caffeinated. Super Steepers re-steep habitually. Only in this way, can they extract all the “greatness” from the leaf.

Serious Steeper

The Serious Steeper Serious Steepers are studious. They have researched the precise methods to brew each tea and implement them. Serious Steepers want to enjoy and document the unique characteristics of individual teas. Occasionally prone to carrying personal thermometers, they often “educate” bystanders on proper water temperature and steeping time.

Sidetracked Steeper

The Sidetracked Steeper Sidetracked Steepers begin with the intent to brew tea using a specific method, but find themselves distracted by life. Inconsistency is the only thing constant. Sometimes the result is a fantastic cup of tea, sometimes not. Either way, it goes down the hatch while on-the-go.

Serene Steeper

The Serene Steeper Serene Steepers prepare tea as a lifestyle. Although they are guided by best practices, Serene Steepers are not wed to the rules and are more likely to prepare tea according to their mood. Tea is usually enjoyed in tandem with another activity like reading a book, having a conversation, or enjoying the view.


The Simple Steeper All teas are created equal in the Simple Steeper’s preparation of tea. Hot Water + Tea Leaves = Drink. Tea leaves are sometimes strained, sometimes not. Simple Steepers re-steep frequently and often do so by simply adding new leaves on top of the old leaves. Easy as that.