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Moroccan Tea

Organic Traditional Moroccan Tea

As with many cultures across the globe, the consumption of tea holds great significance in Moroccan life. This is demonstrated in part by the highly ornate teapots (often engraved silver), trays, and crystal glasses used in its preparation and service. Traditionally, tea is prepared in a samovar which brews strong, highly concentrated tea. Usually a gunpowder variety of green tea is used. After brewing, the tea is heavily sweetened with sugar and flavored with a touch of mint. The teapot is held high in the air while pouring the tea into the small, delicate glasses. This showy feat is made possible by the long and slender curved spout on the Moroccan teapot (and a lot of practice!). Moroccan Mint Green Tea is an excellent accompaniment to their rich and flavorful cuisine. Click on the following link to purchase the tea traditionally used in this custom:

  • Organic Moroccan Mint Green Tea