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Organic Jasmine Pearl Green Tea

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The most tender organic green tea leaves and buds are hand-rolled into small pearls and infused with the essence of fresh jasmine blossoms in this classic display tea. The fragrant blossoms are mixed with the premium organic green tea pearls according to a traditional tea scenting process that dates back more than nine centuries. The organic tea absorbs the fragrant essence of the fresh jasmine flowers, making the pearls sweet and very aromatic. The blossoms are then removed by hand after the scenting process, leaving only the organic jasmine-infused tea pearls.

The straw-colored infusion of this organic Jasmine Pearl Green Tea yields a much lighter-bodied, and more subtle green tea flavor than our traditional Jasmine Green Tea. However, because the green tea flavor is more subtle, our Jasmine Pearl is perceived as having a stronger jasmine flavor compared to the Jasmine Green Tea.

Ingredients: organic Chinese green tea


Serving Size: one scant teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Staff Perspectives


Aubrey Says: Infuse this organic tea from China in clear wine glasses to "wow" your dinner guests as they watch it unfurl!


Jeremy Says:I drink this Jasmine Pearl Green Tea when I'm looking for a jasmine that's a bit more delicate.

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  1. One of the BEST!

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Mar 2017

    This is one of the absolute BEST jasmine teas out there! Unlike most jasmine, it's not over sharp to the nose. There is a beautiful floral note. (lavender like) It's definitely a delicate tea with regards to both the jasmine and green aspects, yet is very flavorful.

  2. Awesome Greem Tea

    Posted by Melissa on 14th Mar 2017

    Love starting my day with this tea. Great earthy flavor. The flavor of the jasmine isn't overpowering like other versions of this tea I've had in the past.

  3. Drinkable elegance

    Posted by Yen-Wen on 14th Oct 2016

    What an elegant taste!
    This tea is like a treat to my soul. It's very calming. The smell of jasmine has long lingering effects and it's unbelievably soothing. I really enjoy it!
    Even though the price seems steep, honestly it doesn't take a lot of pearls to make a flavorful cup, especially if you are not into strong teas.
    In other words, when elegance is drinkable, it's priceless!
    Highly recommended!!!

  4. Absolutely the best

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jan 2016

    I drink this everyday ever since I got it, morning, afternoon, and sometimes evening. This tea has a phenomenal taste and flavor. I've tried other jasmine green teas and their fatal flaw has been that they left a weird bitter flavor or has a super strong jasmine scent. That's not a problem with this tea. The jasmine is present, full, slightly sweet even, yet not overpowering. The green tea is a calm, refreshing base. I honestly think this is the best tea I have tried in general. It's been perfect with honey and even as a base for bobba tea. Get this. You wont regret it.

  5. Delicate but full jasmine flavor

    Posted by Janet Hawkins on 6th Sep 2015

    These beautiful little gems brew up into a lovely light gold liquid as delicately flavorful as jasmine green tea can be. Magnificent aroma, a bit of heaven on earth.

  6. beautiful, fragrant tea!

    Posted by Dimitra on 4th Mar 2015

    If you are looking for a tea with a hint of something flora and sweet, but love green tea, this is it! It reminds me of the jasmine flowers I saw in Greece. The jasmine tea has such a particular scent and flavor. The pearls are really beautiful, as well!
    My husband won't try it, though, because he doesn't like the taste or smell of jasmine.

  7. All time favorite tea!

    Posted by Zoe Ann on 13th Sep 2014

    I've been drinking Jasmine Pearl Tea for at least 10 years. Arbor Teas' Jasmine Pearl Green Tea is by far the best. Lovely aroma and great taste plus it's organic. Can be steeped multiple times and without decrease in flavor. The first whiff of this brewed tea instantly relaxes me.

  8. An excellent, organic jasmine pearl tea

    Posted by Sasha on 5th Aug 2013

    This is a lovely jasmine tea. Delicate and fragrant. One of my all time favorites.

  9. I crave the smell and taste

    Posted by Queen Atsu on 27th May 2013

    This tea is great! I mixed it with white pomegranate and mint herbal. I had the two other teas alone and together but when I had them all together this tea is all that I can remember even though I wouldn't drink either of them alone again now that I've had them together!

  10. Exquisite aroma and great taste

    Posted by Joe B. on 27th Apr 2013

    I've hesitated to spend this much on a tea, but once I open the package and took a whiff, I knew this was a winner. My wife and i like our tea strong, and the flower taste leaps out with no bitterness.

  11. Delicious!

    Posted by lauren on 12th Apr 2013

    This is a wonderful jasmine pearl tea. The jasmine scent and flavor are prominent but not overwhelming. Delicious!

  12. Delightful

    Posted by Sunshine on 17th Sep 2010

    Amazing aroma delicious flavor and light in body. I found this tea by recommendation when I had come down with a flu and was told of this teas' amazing properties. I'm sure I can't claim it to cure diseases but let me just say this is what my family takes when we get sick (and we don't stay sick for long). I recommend it to everyone and drink it regularly especially when I need a little pep and pick-me-up. Cant say enough about it I absolutely love it... favorite tea hands down.


We at Arbor Teas firmly believe that tea should be brewed to suit your personal taste. With that being said, here are some recommendations to get you started brewing our organic jasmine pearl green tea, but please remember you can make adjustments based on your own personal taste.

There are three main considerations when brewing tea: quantity of tea, water temperature and steeping time.


Quantity of tea: one scant teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water


Water temperature: use water that has been heated until bubbles begin to form on the bottom of the pot (180° F)


Steeping time: 2-3 minutes

Tip #1: Use fresh water whenever possible - water that has been sitting in your kettle overnight may impart a flat or stale taste to your tea. Be careful not to boil your water for too long. Over boiled water can sometimes impart an unwanted taste.

Tip #2: Keep in mind that brewing your tea for too long can extract undesirable bitterness from the leaves, so steeping time matters! For a stronger brew, don’t steep longer, just use more tea.

Learn more from our How To Guides on how to brew loose leaf tea, how to make iced tea, and how to make tea lattes. And don’t forget to check out our Eco-Brewing Tips, too!


There are five significant components found in all tea from the plant camellia sinensis: essential oils, which are the source of tea’s delicious flavor and aroma; polyphenols, which are antioxidants that provide the tea’s brisk flavor and many of its health benefits; phytonutrients, which are small amounts of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids including L-theanine (a very rare molecule that has been found in only three sources including camellia sinensis!) ; enzymes; and methylxanthines, which are a family of alkaloids that include caffeine. Each of these components work differently in the human body and a full description is best left to a medical journal. However, recent research exploring the potential health attributes of tea is leading many scientists to agree that tea, may contribute positively to a healthy lifestyle.

Some research comparing different types of tea has shown that the manufacturing process does affect the level of antioxidants present in the final tea leaf. According to a 2006 review of the beneficial effects of green tea in the Journal of American College of Nutrition, when comparing dry leaves, unoxidized green tea retains more antioxidants than black, oolong, or pu-erh. The catechin (or antioxidant) that displays the greatest increase in green tea when compared to the black, oolong and pu-erh is EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate). (Reference: "Beneficial Effects of Green Tea - A Review" Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Vol 25, No 2 (2006))

For a more in-depth discussion of Tea and Health Benefits check here.

For a more in-depth discussion of Tea and Caffeine check here.

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