Tea Tumbler Travel Mug

Brew and sip on the go with this built-in infuser

Tea Tumbler Travel Mug
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Tea Tumbler Travel Mug

Travel Mug

Brew, press, sip and enjoy – all in the convenience of a single tea infuser mug!

This tea infuser mug solves the main issue with nearly every other tea mug; the ability to brew tea and stop the infusion process without having to remove the tea from the mug. Designed with an ultra fine stainless steel mesh filter and patented infusion-stopping chamber, the Tea Tumbler tea infuser mug allows you to brew a perfectly clean cup without the worry of over-steeping. Once the plunger of the tea infuser mug is pressed, the tea leaves are compressed into a solid chamber and away from the water. The double-walled, vacuum-insulated, restaurant-grade stainless steel construction of the Tea Tumbler gives it phenomenal insulation properties and incredible durability making it a very versatile and low maintenance travel companion. The lid snaps shut for a drip-free closure and has an oh-so comfortable drinking spout. Plastic lid and plunger rim are BPA-free.

To use, simply place a desired amount of loose leaf tea in the Tea Tumbler infuser mug chamber and place the chamber into the infuser mug body. Pour hot water over the leaves. Place the tea infuser mug lid on top and twist into the locked position. Let the tea steep for 2-5 minutes (depending on desired taste and type of tea) and depress the plunger. See below for a step-by-step how to video.

Available in 2 colors: Brushed Steel with the Arbor Teas Logo and Starry Night Blue.

Holds 16 oz.

We recommend handwashing.

Made in China.

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  • 3
    Almost great

    Posted by Jenn on 18th Apr 2017

    I wanted to love this, but a few issues stood out. The biggest problem I had was that it's very top heavy, and, on a related note, the bottom is a bit too narrow. This makes it very precarious when placed in a car's cup holder and generally much more likely to be knocked over by someone who is a bit clumsy, like myself. I also found that it still seemed to over-brew, even when I pressed down the plunger fully. I'm wondering if the seal of the plunger in the basket simply isn't tight enough. It's still the best option I've found for a travel and brew mug, but a few design tweaks would make it truly great.

  • 5
    So glad I bought this!

    Posted by Melissa on 18th Apr 2015

    I love being able to take my tea with me in the morning on my way to the office. Very convenient and easy to use. Unlike other tea tumblers you do not have to worry about over-steeping your tea which is nice, or have to remove the filter basket and possibly burn yourself in the process.

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