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Who's Afraid of a Little Snow?

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Holiday Orders DeliveredYou know that saying about the postal service, "neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night..."?  Well the same can be said doubly for our package courier, Dave Askins (aka Homeless Dave) - because he does it on a bike!  Every day, Dave and his bicycle-powered hauling company, HD Hauling, loads our outbound packages onto his industrial-grade bicycle trailer and hauls them to the post office and other shipping depots.  And we're not just talking 10 or 20.  More like 60 to 80!

This holiday, Dave had to contend with somewhat more generous snowfall than we've seen in recent years.  And of course, on the morning of our last day of shipping for Christmas Eve delivery, we got a major dump. Even before the City could clear the streets, Dave arrived to haul away the last of our holiday deliveries.  And although many, MANY cars and trucks found themselves mired in the snowy mess that day, our packages made it through the first leg of their jouney to our customers safe and sound.

By hiring HD Hauling to help our packages reach their destinations, we not only support a cool local endeavor, but it stands as one more small way we're working to reduce the carbon footprint of this little tea company of ours. So, next time you place your order with Arbor Teas, think of Dave!