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Organic Chamomile Mint

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This blend of organic Egyptian chamomile and organic peppermint offers a soothing, uplifting treat! The peppermint is very prominent, but the chamomile is still present, making this a delightful organic herbal tea.  It is slightly sweet, with a delightful lingering finish. And better yet, the Chamomile in this blend is now Fair Trade Certified!

Ingredients: organic Egyptian chamomile and organic peppermint


Serving Size: one tablespoon per 8 oz cup of water

Staff Perspectives


Aubrey Says: I'm always pleasantly surprised that the Chamomile holds its own against the pungent peppermint.


Jeremy Says: The perfect bedtime drink - soothing and caffeine-free!

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  1. Curious and idea for you

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Feb 2017

    I found an chamomile, mint and lemongrass blend at a shop an hour away, that I love.

    The lemongrass is subtle, but adds a nice brightness to the refreshing chamomile tea infused with the mint.

  2. New favorite!

    Posted by Yen Wen on 30th Oct 2015

    I had tried chamomile tea and mint tea separately in the past and I loved both. It could be quite a debate which one to have sometimes.
    I trusted the reviewers' wonderful words and ordered bulk size instead of sample size. I am glad that I did! Wow! I love this perfect mix!
    It's just good amount of mint to give it a refreshing taste and not powerful enough to cover the chamomile flavor! In other words, not too much mint to keep my eyes open when I LOVE having a cup before I go to sleep.
    It's such soothing yet refreshing tea for any time. It goes well with anything you eat too! You just can't go wrong with this amazing balance. If you want to order, get a bulk size! It goes fast!!!

  3. Relaxing

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Jul 2015

    This tea is a perfect combination - surprisingly the mint does not overtake the chamomile. With my first sip I can feel its soothing and calming effects. Perfect for the end of the day or before bed.

  4. Soothing!

    Posted by Bonnie R. on 6th Jan 2015

    Although this is just chamomile and mint; it's so soothing! a great blend! Must be that it's organic and better quality; but it's so great! I came back to buy the larger bag!

  5. Delicious!

    Posted by Lauren on 26th Feb 2014

    This is a wonderful caffeine-free tea. It is refreshing and has a bold flavor, just the way I like it. I sometimes add a bit of lemongrass to it to give it some zing, but it is delicious as is.

  6. Best Chamomile Tea!

    Posted by Joey on 2nd Feb 2014

    I have tried a wide variety of chamomile teas, but this is by far the best chamomile tea. This tea being organic really shows in the first sip, the flavor is amazing and robust!

  7. Nothing Better When You Are Feeling Poorly

    Posted by Jason Boggs on 27th Jan 2013

    There is nothing better than Arbor Teas' Chamomile Mint when I'm feeling poorly. It soothes the throat, and warms the body.
    I enjoy it on good days, too, especially when it's really cold outside. So I buy this tea in bulk, and I buy it often. This is great stuff!

  8. Smooth and Mellow

    Posted by John and Dawn on 23rd Feb 2012

    Hands Down the finest blend of Chamomile and Mint produced.
    Just the right amount of mint to compliment the tea...Our #1 Favorite.
    Consistent Pot after Pot and a soothing finish to the day. Bravo!

  9. Delightful

    Posted by Georgina R on 15th Jan 2012

    What a wonderful tea. Not too minty, just enough to know it's there. Nice before bed or during a lazy snowy Sunday afternoon.

  10. Kathy

    Posted by Kathleen Gump on 3rd Oct 2009

    A perfect balance of chamomile and mint. I drink it all day long. The 4 oz bag lasts a long time.

  11. Year-Round Favorite

    Posted by Stephanie Goodrich on 23rd Nov 2008

    Of the 6 teas I bought from Arbor Teas this is the one I finished first! It is every bit as comforting and lovely as chamomile but with bright peppermint notes that keep every sip tasting as good as the one before it. When I want a cup of tea to refresh and recharge this is the one I reach for.

  12. Great evening drink

    Posted by Randall on 12th Dec 2007

    perfect tea for those of us who like chamomile & peppermint but not so much to want a full cup of either one of those flavors. Probably other people too. Outstanding mix great caffeine-free way to warm up!


We at Arbor Teas firmly believe that tea should be brewed to suit your personal taste. With that being said, here are some recommendations to get you started, but please remember you can make adjustments based on your own personal taste.

There are three main considerations when brewing tea: quantity of tea, water temperature and steeping time.


Quantity of tea: one tablespoon per 8 oz cup of water


Water temperature: use water that has been heated to a full rolling boil (212° F)


Steeping time: 5-7 minutes

Tip #1: Use fresh water whenever possible - water that has been sitting in your kettle overnight may impart a flat or stale taste to your tea. Be careful not to boil your water for too long. Over boiled water can sometimes impart an unwanted taste.

Tip #2: Herbal teas, unlike tea from the plant camellia sinensis, do not get astringent with longer brew times. So if you happen to steep longer than 7 minutes, don’t worry! Your herbal tea will gain more flavor, but it will never become astringent!

Learn more from our How To Guides on how to brew loose leaf tea, how to make iced tea, and how to make tea lattes. And don’t forget to check out our Eco-Brewing Tips, too!