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From our Recipe Box: Favorite Recipes for Fall

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Fall means a trip to the pumpkin patch (or apple orchard, depending on where you live!) and lots of warm steaming mugs, bowls of soup, and food that stays with you. For us, it means spicy teas,  chai lattes, and incorporating fall flavors into everything we eat. If you want to get that fall feeling, these recipes are for you!

For Breakfast: SUPER Chai Pumpkin Muffins & More

Masala Chai Pumpkin Muffins

What’s easier than grabbing a muffin in the morning? Make these on Sunday night and scarf them down in the carpool lane or on your morning commute. They’re sweetened with applesauce, enhanced with blueberries and flavored with our Masala Chai Black Tea - making them the perfect breakfast on the go.

Looking for something slightly more…indulgent? These Masala Chai Spiced Donuts are totally up your alley.

For Lunch: A Simple Soup

This Roasted Butternut Squash Rooibos Soup is a perennial favorite. And why not? It’s sweet and savory and makes genius use of a green rooibos broth, for an extra health boost. Make it on a Sunday for lunch throughout the week!

And because we always have a little chocolate after lunch, we couldn’t resist including these lovely  chocolate energy bites - the perfect accompaniment for a mid-afternoon cup of matcha!

For Dinner: Squash Flu Season!

Butternut Squash Green Rooibos Soup Mother nature must have known that we would need a vitamin boost before our long dark winter. Why else would she have given us an abundance of squash just as cold and flu season was closing in? Luckily, this is one versatile ingredient. We love this Miso Delicata Squash recipe from 101 Cookbooks. And if you’re looking for something a bit heartier – but no less healthy! – try this Butternut Squash Lasagna from My New Roots.

The sweetness of squash pairs well with a darker tea. Around dinnertime, try pairing with a relaxing variety such as our Organic GABA Oolong.

For Dessert: Put Your Pumpkin Haul to Good Use 

Who said you have to carve those pumpkins and put them on your doorstep? If you’ve managed to come across some sugar pie pumpkins, you can clean them, roast them and make the most delicious pie. We love this Masala Chai Pumpkin Pie, an even more delicious twist on the classic.

And if you’re looking for a way to use those apples, keep coming back to this Black Tea Apple Pie from Swift and Whisk. If you’d rather drink your tea with your dessert, we think this Skillet Apple Cake is well worth the minimal effort. (Tip: Use sweeter apples and less sugar!) And if you want to get SUPER fancy, bake this apple cake ... and please invite us over.

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