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Globe Tea Brewer

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We are delighted to finally bring this cafe-grade tea brewer to your home counter top! Similar to a pour over style infuser, this Globe Tea Brewer can decant into a tea vessel or directly into your mug with the simple push of a button.   Made of the finest heat-resistant borosilicate glass, the large globe glass infuser allows your tea leaves to swirl freely for maximum flavor as you watch them unfurl.  This brewer is akin to other pour over style infusers, but constructed of glass instead of plastic! Other parts include a BPA-free silicon base and lid, stainless steel infuser, and stainless steel ball stopper. Can be completely disassembled for cleaning.

To use, simply place your loose leaf tea in the glass bowl, slowly pour hot water over the tea leaves, place the lid on the top, and allow to brew for your desired length of time. When ready, place the entire Globe Tea Brewer on top of your mug or tea vessel and decant by pressing the grey button.  Brewed tea will freely flow into the vessel below. You can stop the stream at any time by releasing the button. This allows the Globe Tea Brewer to be easily moved spill-free from one vessel to another if preparing multiple cups.  When filled with hot water, the Globe Tea Brewer can be top heavy so please use caution when moving from one vessel to the next. See a step-by-step how to video below.

Glass globe is dishwasher safe, but we recommend handwashing all parts.

Holds 27 oz.

Made in Japan.

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  1. Elegant, efficient and functional

    Posted by Benjamin Hartwick on 24th Mar 2015

    I initially balked at the price of this item and was concerned that perhaps it would be so fragile that it would not have a long enough lifespan to justify it’s cost. I am now very pleased that I ponied up the cash to invest in this most efficient way of brewing tea. Granted, I wish it were made of Pyrex or stainless steel so that it would be super durable, but as it turns out, it really is sturdy enough to be workable. Yes, you have to exercise some caution when moving it into and out of the sink for cleaning or when engaged in activity near it in the kitchen so as not to bump it, but I believe that it’s functionality makes it well worth the forethought one must invest in taking care not to break it.

    It’s design allows for the ideal environment for tea leaves to unfurl themselves and release their full flavor. While the tea is brewing, you have the opportunity to admire is color as it deepens. Watching the tea leaves unfurl is a bit like watching a kelp bed at an Aquarium (I’m thinking Monterey, California in particular). This is can be an enjoyable part of the experience, something that simply cannot occur in a stainless steel infuser jammed into a ceramic cup or with tea leaves that are hidden away in a ceramic (or even glass) teapot.

    In functional terms, using this device allows the brewing and straining all to occur in one device with less effort, fuss and mess. I decant the brewed tea into a stainless steel thermus to keep it hot and then poor it in small amounts into my cup so that it stays as hot as possible. After decanting, the cleanup routine is much simpler than any other method I know of. I dump the wet leaves into the trash and then rinse the remainder into the garbage disposal, and I’m done, and the device is ready for the next brew cycle. I am more pleased with this device than I had imagined I would be. “Elegant, efficient and functional” is the best string of adjectives I can come up with to describe it. Oh, and it is also aesthetically pleasing.