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JOEmo Loose Tea Travel Mug

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We read your reviews -- now available in a larger size, TEAmo XL!

With the JOEmo Loose Tea Travel Mug (also know as the "TEAmo"), loose tea can go anywhere. This vacuum thermal travel mug features a stainless steel body, push-button "no look" 360 degree drinking lip (for ease, safety and comfort), nesting loose leaf tea infuser basket, and an absolutely leak- and drip-proof two-part lid combo. And best yet, the push-button lid can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning. The finest travel mug we've come across. Keeps beverages hot for up to 6 hours.  Top lid can double as a drip catcher for tea infuser when brewing is complete.  

Holds 16 oz.

Made in China.

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  1. Good Mug/Great Customer Service

    Posted by Janet Binion on 22nd Apr 2014

    I love being able to brew tea right in this mug before heading out to the car. It actually keeps tea so hot for so long that after it's brewed, I pour it back and forth into a measuring cup a couple of times to bring the temperature down to my sipping preference. I'd had this mug for a couple of months when I dropped it. The components of the cap flew all over the place. I thought I'd picked them all up and tried to reassemble them when I got home, but the cap mechanism didn't work. I explained this in an email to Arbor Teas and had a new cap in a couple of days. Customer service doesn't get better than this.

  2. This is cool and effective

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Dec 2012

    I have used it multiple times and have just to try it out, poured the tea from the stainless steel cup into a see-through glass so I could see if it really did strain well. It did strain almost perfectly. I was impressed. This is a cool device for a great price!

  3. Decent Product, Not Great

    Posted by Lukasz M. on 7th Mar 2012

    I was expecting this thermos/mug to work better than it does. Sure, it holds heat well, but I find that it often leaks despite ample tightening. I could tighten it more, but the cap flexes and I feel like I could damage it if I tighten too hard. Also, the cover that threads into the cap is annoying. It doesn't serve much of a purpose and the thread more often than not gets crossed. I often have to try threading it on 2-3 times before I finally get it. Plus, the rubber gasket around the cover has rolled off on more than one occasion. Lastly, I wish the mug held more volume. It's roughly equivalent to one cup of tea that I drink in the morning. It would be nice if it held 2-3 cups for hikes, trips, etc.

  4. good heat, filter, value

    Posted by Todd Marshall on 12th Jun 2009

    I've changed my mind after 3 months or so. This is a great value! The filter is wonderful it holds enough and it keeps the heat for along time! I use it for coffee made in a french press to keep the grounds filtered and to keep the coffee hot for a long time. (as well as loose tea) Hot for I don't know for how long. So I've changed my mind and I like it alot! The mechanism works well and was easily assembled if it comes apart. It is a good size for travel and the car even if it is a tiny bit heavy it's that way to keep the heat inside and cool to the touch.

  5. small heavy complicated

    Posted by todd marshall on 1st Apr 2009

    Only holds 14 oz max. I turned the top with the drink and seal button mechanism upside down and it fell apart. It was not easy putting back together. Sort of complicated heavy and not very large for drink quantity. I like big capacities. Better to get a good large strainer and stainless steel sealed coffee drinker. But it does work and is an interesting invention.

  6. Saving Me Money!

    Posted by Tania Runyan on 19th Mar 2009

    This mug is incredible because it actually lives up to the claim of keeping beverages hot (or cold) for six hours. In fact I found my liquids staying hot even after six hours! And not just warm but straight-from-the-teapot hot. It is truly leak-proof and incredibly easy to use. Now why is it saving me money? I no longer have the urge to drive through McD's or someplace for a beverage because the one I bring from home stays hot or cold! All I need is loose-leaf tea from Arbor Teas and this handy mug. I am saving money resources and my health as a result.

  7. fabulous

    Posted by Nina Serpiello on 17th Feb 2009

    It really doesn't leak! All the parts fit nicely together; well made. I wish there were a bigger size.