Organic Butterfly Pea Lemongrass

Vibrant blue colored brew with light lemony and herbaceous notes

certified organic
Organic Butterfly Pea Lemongrass
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Organic Butterfly Pea Lemongrass


Native to Southeast Asia, butterfly pea flower is a vision of blue both inside and outside the cup! The blue flower produces a dazzling lapis lazuli liquor that always proves a conversation starter. While striking in its appearance, butterfly pea flower is subtle in flavor. As a result, we’ve blended it with organic Thai lemongrass to create a delightful, light-bodied loose leaf organic herbal tea. The delicate herbaceous notes of the butterfly pea flower complement the soft, lemon rind flavor of the Thai lemongrass. Naturally caffeine free, both herbs are grown on the Sanmahaphon Community Farm, an organic collective farm in the Chiang Mai province of Northern Thailand.

Butterfly pea flower is also known for its color-changing properties. By altering its pH the liquor will turn from blue to vibrant purple. Simply add a squeeze of lemon or lime! This blue and purple tea is perfectly suited for unique cocktail creations. In Southeast Asia it is traditionally used in cooking as a natural dye in rice dishes, such as kuih ketan and nasi kerabu.

Ingredients: organic lemongrass and organic butterfly pea flower

Origin: Sanmahaphon Community Farm, Maetang, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sanmahaphon Community Farm

Sanmahaphon Organic and Herbal Products Community Enterprise Farm is a farming collective that spans over 86 acres of organic land amid the lush jungles of the Chiang Mai province in Northern Thailand. Established in 1994, Sanmahaphon Community Farm was founded by a group of Thai neighbors in Maetang who wanted to grow healthy, nourishing crops without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. The farm began selling products nationally and internationally in 2009, and as their organic collective grew, it created local jobs which helped to raise the standard of living for the workers and their families in the surrounding area

In 2014, Sanmahaphon expanded its impact in the nearby communities and in Thailand as a whole by forming a partnership with Chiang Mai University. This collaboration provides additional recognition and support for the collective as a teaching farm that freely provides guidance in sustainable and regenerative farming practices, as well as organic certification education for students and other Thai farmers.

The organic butterfly pea flowers and organic lemongrass in this blend are skillfully hand-tended (planted, watered, and weeded) and carefully hand-harvested to protect the delicate blooms and slender stalks. After harvesting, the botanicals are sun dried naturally in a solar house and finished in a hot-air oven as the weather dictates.

Steeping Instructions

At Arbor Teas, we believe tea should be brewed to suit your personal taste. We’re happy to make recommendations to get you started, but don’t hesitate to experiment! When brewing your tea, your main considerations are tea quantity, water temperature, and steeping time. We recommend herbal and rooibos teas to be steeped for 5 to 7 minutes in water heated to a full rolling boil. For the best flavor, use fresh water whenever possible, and avoid overboiling. If you want a stronger brew, just use more tea. And don’t forget to re-steep your tea leaves to get the most out of your leaf!

Looking for more info? Check out our How-To Guides and Eco-Brewing Tips!

Staff Perspectives

  • Lea

    "The deep indigo color of the liquor is amazing! It reminds me of my mom’s batik dyes when I was a child."

  • Chelsea

    "The taste is bright and lemony, and it looks gorgeous in mixed drinks!"

Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Yerba Mate

Butterfly pea flower (Clitoria ternatea) has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, most commonly as a memory enhancer, nootropic, antistress, and antidepressant. Organic compounds such as flavonol glycosides and anthocyanins are also present in the flower. When used as an extract, it has the potential to be an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, analgesic, and diuretic.

Lemongrass is widely used throughout Southeastern Asia and Africa in traditional and alternative medicine. It is also popular in the practice of aromatherapy. Recent scientific studies have provided evidence supporting its antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties in several disease models. One study suggests that lemongrass is a potentially valuable antifungal and anti-inflammatory agent for the prevention and treatment of acute inflammatory skin conditions. The same study also suggests that it could potentially be used as an air decontaminant in hospitals.

For more information about the health benefits of Lemongrass, Butterfly Pea Flower and other types of herbs, and for direct sources of the above information, check out our Health Benefits of Herbal Tea page!

Please note: the information above is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Butterfly Pea Lemongrass Recipes

Customer Reviews

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  • 4

    Posted by Cory S on 12th Mar 2024

    This is a unique and fun brew, won't drink it often but it is enjoyable. Reminds me of fruity pebbles, which I could have never imagined that would be a natural flavor.

  • 5
    Tastes like Fruitloops!

    Posted by Emily on 24th Feb 2024

    As everyone says, this tea is a gorgeous blue! My family agrees that this tea tastes like fruitloops! The flavor is stronger to me before I add honey. I really like this one! The kids (3 & 6) like the color and that it changes to purple when the ph is changed, but it's not their favorite tea flavor.

  • 5

    Posted by Amanda Robertson on 26th Jan 2024

    The tea flavor is delicate and the blue color of this tea is so cool! Would be great for Halloween or a fairy birthday party?

  • 5

    Posted by Ranee Hunt on 11th Dec 2023

    This tea has an amazing flavor and I love the color of it!

  • 5
    Amazing taste!

    Posted by NSky on 13th Oct 2023

    I love this tea. It tastes amazing! Love the added lemongrass. Definitely recommend.

  • 5
    Pretty and delicious

    Posted by Stacy G on 27th Aug 2023

    I cold-brewed this tea. I just bought a sample -- and had no idea what to expect. It's blue! And so good. Smooth and sweet. Not bitter at all.

  • 5
    Delicious and pretty

    Posted by Eden on 23rd Jan 2023

    Aside from the super beautiful blue color, I absolutely loved the flavor profile of this tea. The lemongrass wasn’t too empowering and I almost felt a hint of vanilla in this. It’s delicate and tasty.

  • 4
    Pretty and fun

    Posted by Haley on 30th Apr 2022

    This is a unique color and good iced. It isn't one I would drink everyday but it was fun to try something new!

  • 5
    Really good tea, and beautiful, too!

    Posted by SWilson on 22nd Apr 2022

    I'm not fond of lemongrass in any form, whether in food or as a tea. I bought a sample package of this tea out of curiosity. I prefer my tea slightly weaker than most people, so I used slightly less than the package directions per cup. It was wonderful! The flavor is somewhat lemony (the lemongrass) but not overpoweringly so. I tried it with a little lemon juice added (to see it turn purple) and the color was marvellous. I tried it plain (and the blue is gorgeous). I tried it hot, sweetened, and iced. I prefer it hot and unsweetened. Buy a sample size and try this tea out. I think it's terrific.

  • 4

    Posted by Todd Williams on 29th Jan 2022

    It’s soooo blue! While brewing in clear glass I find such interesting colors if you hold it up to a light. Iridescent blues and purple colors leaching from the flowers and fantastic flavor by itself. But wow… a touch of honey is a big kick! I’m an instant fan!

  • 5
    Latte tip!

    Posted by Erin Flores on 17th Nov 2021

    It's nice and soothing on its own for an evening's sipping, but it's also delicious as an oat milk latte if you add a spoonful of lavender to the brew, and a drop of honey!

  • 5
    Butterfly pea tea

    Posted by Tracy on 5th Oct 2021

    I bought the sample pack of the Butterfly Pea tea & gave one to a friend who has already ordered & now I'm ordering. This tea is most delightful & may become my only tea !

  • 5
    My absolute new favorite tea

    Posted by Liz on 12th Apr 2021

    I love milk tea and boba but am trying to cut down on plastic used/money spent by buying at boba shops. Haven’t found a unique tea that has wowed me yet since I started making my own boba milk tea at home, but then I tried a sample of this one... WOW. This is the one!! My new everyday go to.

  • 5
    Strong Lemongrass Flavor

    Posted by Eileen Rintsch on 27th Oct 2020

    The tea is not bad, I am just not that excited by it. The color is stunning, and the taste is good. It has a strong lemongrass flavor. So you either like that or you don't. I think it would be great for a hot summer morning.

  • 4
    Light and beautiful

    Posted by Haley DiRenzo on 5th Oct 2020

    Flavor is subtle but it is a beautiful color and makes for a great iced drink.

  • 5

    Posted by Jeanne Zalesky on 26th Jun 2020

    This tea is soooo delicious! It is light and refreshing - perfect for our hot Florida summer. I just use my filtered water (not boiling) and let it sit in the refrigerator. Then I enjoy it after a few hours. I strain it and then add more water for a second batch!

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