Organic Cinnamon Rooibos

Warming cinnamon layered over a sweet lightly fruity rooibos base

fair trade certified certified organic
Organic Cinnamon Rooibos

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Organic Cinnamon Rooibos


This Fair Trade Certified organic loose leaf herbal tea combines organic rooibos leaves (pronounced ROY-bus) with spicy cinnamon. The sweet, almost fruity, rooibos offers a perfect backdrop for the zesty warmth of cinnamon. Rooibos is an herb native to the beautiful Cederberg region of South Africa. This organic African tea contains no caffeine.

Ingredients: organic and Fair Trade Certified South African rooibos, organic cinnamon, and natural cinnamon flavor

What are Flavored Teas?


Our delicious flavored teas use the same top-quality organic tea that we offer in our unflavored varieties, but are blended with pieces of real fruit, spices, flowers, and 100% natural flavors. When blending our teas, our goal is to create a cup that balances the taste of the tea with the flavors of the additional ingredients so that neither one overpowers. All of the natural flavors we use are either extracts taken directly from the botanical ingredient, or extracted using 100% GMO-free grain alcohol as a solvent. You can rest assured that none of the flavors used in our blends are synthetically or artificially derived, and do not use artificial preservatives.

Steeping Instructions


At Arbor Teas, we believe tea should be brewed to suit your personal taste. We’re happy to make recommendations to get you started, but don’t hesitate to experiment! When brewing your tea, your main considerations are tea quantity, water temperature, and steeping time. We recommend herbal and rooibos teas to be steeped for 5 to 7 minutes in water heated to a full rolling boil. For the best flavor, use fresh water whenever possible, and avoid overboiling. If you want a stronger brew, just use more tea. And don’t forget to re-steep your tea leaves to get the most out of your leaf!

Looking for more info? Check out our How-To Guides and Eco-Brewing Tips!

Staff Perspectives

  • Trish

    "I like drinking this before meals, cinnamon is a great appetite suppressant and it's warm and soothing."

  • Sarah

    "Mmmm! If you like spicy, warm tea, this is the one for you! And, you can drink it at night because it's naturally caffeine-free!"

  • Aubrey

    "A great caffeine-free option. Reminds me of the red hot candy I enjoyed as a child!"

Health Benefits


Rooibos (aka “red tea”) boasts an array of beneficial health properties. Like true tea, rooibos has a high concentration of antioxidants, and is the only known source of aspalathin, a particularly potent antioxidant. Green rooibos tends to have even higher levels of antioxidants than red rooibos, but both have enough to measurably raise the levels of antioxidants in the blood. Rooibos is also rich in flavonoids; compounds likely to have anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic and antimicrobial benefits. Lastly, rooibos is low in tannins, making it less bitter than true tea.

For more information about the health benefits of Rooibos, and for direct sources of the above information, check out our Rooibos Health Benefits page!

Please note: the information above is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    Perfect for winter days

    Posted by Amanda on 2nd Dec 2023

    My go-to is peppermint tea, but in the winter months, it is so cozy to have some cinnamon tea by the fire. Great flavor!

  • 5
    Roooibos Cinnamon Tea

    Posted by Kevin Henderson on 25th Apr 2021

    This product is so good you Arbor Has sold out for months... what happened ..? it is the best and fresh.. I love Arbor Tea.. They always send a Thank you note.. great people... with a wonderful product...

  • 5

    Posted by L on 8th Nov 2020

    I love this tea so much and drink so much, I have to keep reordering it! It's just so lovely and warming. It's a perfect tea.

  • 5
    Cinnamon Rooibos Is My MUST HAVE Tea!

    Posted by Lisa Machala on 22nd Oct 2020

    I love this tea. I drink it nearly every morning and often in the evening. It is delicious hot or chilled. Sometimes I mix it with nut milk and spices to create my own vegan chai lattes. Gotta run now, need to order more!

  • 4
    Cinnamon Heaven

    Posted by Amber Linn on 12th Sep 2018

    Wow! This tea caught me off-guard at first - the aroma of cinnamon when opening the bag was so strong - I LOVED it. This tea is certainly not for recreational cinnamon lovers, this is for those who truly love that sweet, spicey bark. I have let it steep until the water cools and it just gets spicier and sweeter the longer it sits. Absolutely lovely.

  • 3
    An acquired taste

    Posted by Debbie Shipley on 8th Jan 2018

    Rooibos teas to me are an acquired taste, I think I was making it a little to strong... there are wonderful health benefits associated with this tea, check them out it is well worth the benefits it gives. Give it a chance it does grow on you if you don't give up on it.

  • 5
    If there was a higher rating I would give it!

    Posted by Cori on 16th Mar 2016

    I chose this tea for my husband (he loves cinnamon), but when I tried it I was surprised by how much I love it! I am thinking about hiding it so I don't have to share!

  • 3
    Not crazy about it

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Feb 2016

    I've tried Rooibos before, and I remember liking it much more than this, but it's definitely not a tea that I normally drink. I was overwhelmed by how woody it tasted. The recommended steep time is 5 - 7 minutes... I saw another review that said that it's better if it steeps for longer... perhaps this brings out more flavors. If you're not used to Rooibos that much, I wouldn't recommend this.

  • 3

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Dec 2014

    I love cinnamon, but this tea is not what I expected. Maybe it's just me, as all the other reviews tend to enjoy it. I felt that I had to steep it for a longer period of time to get the real flavour.

  • 5
    favorite night time tea

    Posted by Unknown on 26th May 2014

    We really enjoy this tea. My two boys had to try this tea when they smelled me brewing myself a cup. Cinnamon taste without being too strong. We've also tried it blended with the Rooibos Chai, very tasty. We add a splash of milk and no sugar. Now this is our favorite tea to have at night. Delicious!

  • 5
    It makes me like cinnamon!

    Posted by Yen-Wen C. on 6th Mar 2014

    I can say "I like cinnamon tea" now! I was not a fan of cinnamon tea because of I was still under the impression of such loud flavoring. I always felt like I was drinking a piece of cinnamon bark instead of drinking tea. Cinnamon was never my choice. Well, I must admit this tea changed my mind :) The tea and cinnamon flavoring combination is the winner. It has just enough cinnamon taste without killing the natural flavor of the tea. The whole kitchen smells so warm (without overpowering spicy smell) while the tea is brewing. It's very smooth and naturally sweet. No sugar is needed. It's great just the way it is! Btw, it doesn't take much tea leaves to make a flavorful pot. I use half of the amount and it works very well. That's strong enough for our taste. I will try blending it with other tea like the other reviewer said. It must be great too!

  • 5
    Great Cinammon Flavor that Won't Overpower

    Posted by Tammy on 26th Nov 2013

    WOW! This is a great rooibos by itself or can easily be combined. I accidentally let mine steep a little too long and was so pleasantly surprised I used it to cook with! The taste is smooth yet the cinnamon flavor shines through!

  • 5
    Sweet and yummy....

    Posted by Susan on 6th Jul 2013

    I like my teas sweet and usually add sugar. I was so happy for this tea it was not necessary. It's a great "pick me up" energizing tea. I made it iced the cold way and was able to use the leaves twice. Wow!!! I'm ordering some more in less than a month!!!

  • 4
    Great for blending

    Posted by Emily on 14th Jan 2013

    This tea has a very strong cinnamon flavor. I like to blend it with other teas such as the Vanilla Almond rooibos and the Vanilla Peach rooibos. It adds a nice punch to other teas.

  • 4
    Very cinnamon-ey

    Posted by Alise on 10th Dec 2012

    If you crave a cinnamon tea, this one will do it for you. This has a strong, but not overpowering cinnamon flavor. I love this one best mixed with other teas. It's great when you want a splash of cinnamon to say, Vanilla-Almond Rooibos (YUM!) or one of the peach flavored teas. A great versatile mixer or great on its own.

  • 5

    Posted by Elyse Symons on 13th Nov 2009

    I love Rooibos although I refer to it as Red tea so as to appear less snooty. =) Only tea I've ever had that had enough flavor that I didn't need to add any sugar. Really wonderful tea!

  • 5
    Unbelievably delicious!

    Posted by Julia on 15th Jun 2009

    This tea is fantastic. It has a lovely natural sweetness even though there is no sugar in it. The cinnamon in this tea highlights the nice notes of rooibos and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. I was not a huge fan of rooibos before and only got this tea as part of a sampler because I wanted my 4 year-old son to try a few different things. Now I may need to hide it from my son and drink it all myself!

  • 5
    Cinnamon Rooibos

    Posted by Angela Luther on 22nd Nov 2007

    This has a smooth sweet taste that is a relaxing treat at the end of the day.

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