Wholesale Organic Tea for Michigan Cafes and Restaurants

At Arbor Teas, we love spreading the joy that comes from a cup of tea.

We are proud to offer a wholesale program to our fellow Michigan businesses! We believe that having a high quality tea menu brings any cafe or restaurant to the next level. Your tea drinkers will thank you.

Our wholesale program includes:

  • Competitive wholesale rates on organic tea and herbs
  • Free shipping on orders over $60
  • Free Friday delivery for Ann Arbor businesses

At the current time, we only offer wholesale to Michigan businesses that wish to serve our tea in a cafe or restaurant setting. Unfortunately, we do not allow retail of our packaged tea, as our compostable packaging is designed to be shipped directly from our facility to our customers and not to endure the rigors of a retail shelf.

Looking to develop a robust tea selection at your cafe, restaurant or business? Get in contact, we’re here to help!



You can find our tea being served across the great state of Michigan at the following locations:

Agricole Farm Stop - Chelsea
Alcona Brew Haus - Commerce
Arbor Farms Market & Cafe - Ann Arbor
Argus Farm Stop - Ann Arbor
Avalon Cafe and Kitchen - Ann Arbor and Detroit
Blank Slate Creamery - Ann Arbor
Bløm Meadworks - Ann Arbor
Bloom Ferments - Grand Rapids
Bird's Eye Outfitters - Sault Ste Marie
Cahoots Cafe - Ann Arbor
Comet Coffee - Ann Arbor
Dream Bean Machine - Grand Marais
Factory Coffee - Kalamazoo
Four Corners Coffee - Cement City
Fresh Forage - Ann Arbor
Grafted Root Eatery - Grand Blanc
Homes Brewery - Ann Arbor
Humanitea - Ludington
Jefferson Market - Ann Arbor
Juicy Kitchen - Ann Arbor
Lucky Bean Coffee House - Mackinac Island
Marupo's Egg Tarts - Ann Arbor
Moose & Stella's Cafe - Kalkaska
Myrth - Ada
Pacific Rim - Ann Arbor
The Red Hook - Ferndale and Detroit 
The Sparrows Coffee & Tea & Newsstand - Grand Rapids
Ricewood BBQ - Ann Arbor
Selden Standard - Detroit
Starling Lounge - Blissfield
Stovetop Roasters - Ann Arbor
Sweet Gem Confections - Ann Arbor
The Mortals cafe + confection -  Grand Rapids
The Sparrows Coffee Tea and Newsstand - Grand Rapids
Union Rec - Ann Arbor
Urbanrest Brewing Company - Ferndale
Venue - Ann Arbor
Vertex - Ann Arbor
York - Ann Arbor