Arbor Teas to Address Social Responsibility at World Tea Expo!

Posted by Arbor Teas on 1st Jun 2008

World Tea Expo Logo

Well, we must be doing something right, because this June we've been asked to sit on a panel at the World Tea Expo to address social responsibility in the tea industry!  Not bad for a little two-person on-line tea company, huh?  The World Tea Expo is North America's most prominent tea event - a marketplace for the products and ideas that fuel the tea industry.  We're absolutely thrilled to have been invited, and want to make the most of the opportunity.  Although the session is meant to be a spontaneous discussion focused around certain guiding questions/topics, we'd like to arrive with a few "talking points" or key issues that [we think] should be emphasized during the discussion.  And we're looking to you, faithful readers (and socially-conscious tea drinkers) for a little help!  Along the lines of social responsibility, what issues do you see as a priority for the tea industry?  Fair trade and other social justice-related issues?  Organic farming and other environmentally-sensitive production issues?  You tell us, and we'll tell the industry!  Keep in mind that the audience will be primarily composed of tea importers, wholesalers, retailers and other industry