Organic Hawaii Sweet Roast Green Tea

Brothy, bright vegetal infusion that hints at grilled sweet corn

certified organic fair trade certified
Organic Hawaii Sweet Roast Green Tea
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Organic Hawaii Sweet Roast Green Tea


This very rare USA-grown organic certified green tea brings the Hawaiian Farmer’s Market right to your doorstep! Cultivated on the misty slopes of the tallest mountain in the Pacific Ocean, this tea is harvested and manufactured in micro-lots on the Mauna Kea Tea Farm in Hawaii. Its namesake, Mauna Kea (pronounced “MOUN-na KAY-a”), means “white mountain” and provides a rich base of volcanic soil for this small, family-owned tea farm tucked away at 2,000 ft above sea level on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island.

Selectively harvested, processed, and roasted to accentuate its naturally sweet character, the Organic Sweet Roast Green Tea has large, flat, broken leaves. Easy to prepare and easy to drink, the Sweet Roast is a popular drink in Hawaiian Farmer’s Markets and is delicious hot or iced. The flavor of this organic tea is most significantly affected by the roast. As the last step in the production process, the roasting occurs after the leaf is already dried and serves to highlight the leaf’s sweetness as well as reduce the astringency and add a slight roasted quality that hints at grilled sweet corn. The wet leaves smell of sweet hay and create a brothy, vegetal cup that has a bright note felt at the back of the throat.

Ingredients: organic USA green tea

Origin: Mauna Kea, Hawaii, USA


Hawaii is perhaps best known for its production of foods like Kona coffee, macadamia nuts, and exotic fruits. But one of its largest commodity crops, sugar cane, left the island within the last few decades to be produced more cheaply elsewhere. As a result, the USDA stepped in about 15 years ago to encourage the development of replacement crops, including tea. The big island in particular has an ideal tea growing environment, possessing volcanic soil of the perfect acidity, plenty of moisture (at least on the east side), and mountainous terrain. The Organic certified, Mauna Kea Tea Farm uses Masanobu Fukuoka Natural Farming. With a belief that the farm is ultimately a self-sustaining ecosystem, Mauna Kea employs a completely natural approach to farming using only weeds, cover crops, and mulch to increase fertility. Read our blog post about our trip to the Hawaiian tea farms!

Steeping Instructions


At Arbor Teas, we believe tea should be brewed to suit your personal taste. We’re happy to make recommendations to get you started, but don’t hesitate to experiment! When brewing your tea, your main considerations are tea quantity, water temperature, and steeping time. We recommend green and white teas to be steeped for 2 to 3 minutes in water heated to not-quite-boiling, just as bubbles begin to form on the bottom of the pan (approximately 170 to 180 degrees F). For the best flavor, use fresh water whenever possible. Try not to steep your tea longer than necessary, as you’ll extract undesirable bitterness from the leaves. If you want a stronger brew, don’t steep longer, just use more tea. And don’t forget to re-steep your tea leaves to get the most out of your leaf!

Looking for more info? Check out our How-To Guides and Eco-Brewing Tips!

Staff Perspectives

  • Jeremy

    "This Sweet Roast is a more affordable option (compared to the Organic Hawaii Premium Green Tea) for those searching for a rare USA grown organic certified tea."

  • Aubrey

    "I became quite smitten with Mauna Kea when I found out that, like Arbor Teas, the business is owned by a husband and wife duo (Kimberly and Takahiro) with two children the same age as our own!"

Health Benefits


Like all true tea, green tea offers many potential health benefits. Research has found that tea (Camellia sinensis) can have many positive effects on human health, including improved cardiovascular function, cancer risk reduction, improved immune function, improved oral health, and help with weight management. Tea is also full of polyphenols, which are a class of antioxidant that help your body maintain homeostasis and balance your stress levels.

Green tea specifically is known for its array of health benefits, which have been supported by a growing number of studies. Green tea research has demonstrated that it may be an effective anticancer agent for breast cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer and prostate cancer, among others. Studies have shown a link between green tea and weight loss, and the ability to modulate energy metabolism, aid in body fat regulation, and possibly promote preferential loss in abdominal fat. Research has also shown that green tea may increase performance for short term memory tasks, as well as being increasing potency of antibiotics. Other peer-reviewed studies link green tea to healthy skin, help with lowering cholesterol, and regulating diabetes. It’s important to keep in mind that many of these studies monitor subjects who drink several cups of green tea per day.

For more information about the health benefits of green tea, and for direct sources of the above information, check out our Tea Health Benefits page!

Please note: the information above is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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  • 3

    Posted by Jeanine L. Davis-Perron on 9th Nov 2020

    The tea seemed week compared to other green teas.

  • 3

    Posted by Stevie Preis on 23rd Jul 2018

    This tea is mediocre, the gyokuro is bettter.

  • 5
    Good Tea, but expensive

    Posted by Greg Eldridge on 18th Aug 2017

    I like this tea a lot. I liked it better than the other Hawaiian tea Arbor sells, However, it is expensive. More expensive than Gyokuro and Dragonwell. If you want to spend the money it is good tea, but for less money I like Gyokuro and Dragonwell better.

  • 2
    whoever said 'hay' was right

    Posted by Jo on 23rd Jan 2016

    Not a favorite - really does sorta taste like grass. I suppose it can be considered sweet, but sweet grass is not what I'm looking for. ;-)

  • 4
    Sweet hay

    Posted by Kara on 17th Jan 2016

    I think I like the Hawaii Sweet Roast better than the Hawaii Premium Green Tea because it has more of a flavor to it. Like the description above, it's reminiscent of a grassy, sweet hay. I'm not usually a fan of roasted teas but this one is an exception.

  • 5
    My new favorite tea.....

    Posted by Susangrin on 10th May 2014

    The perfect tea for anytime...gentle and sweet and fragrant!!! An incredible green tea with so much flavor. I literally could not wait to drink another cup. Unforgettable!!!

  • 4
    Sweet :)

    Posted by Rajan on 21st Mar 2014

    This is a gentle tea with the sweetest notes in a green that I have savored to date. Quite, quite blissful.

  • 5
    Great american grown tea

    Posted by lindsey on 29th Sep 2013

    I just popped open my sample of this tea and brewed a pot. This tea being labeled as a sweet roast is accurate. I brewed it to the directions and there is little astringency with a sweet sort of flavor profile. The tea is quite delicious. I'll probably brew it just a tad stronger next time purely because i love strong teas. I will be buying this tea again!

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