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Organic Fair Trade Tea

Organic Fair Trade Tea

Arbor Teas offers one of the Internet's largest selections of loose leaf Fair Trade Certified® tea and tisanes – all of which are also certified organic! We offer Fair Trade selections from all varieties of tea (black, green, white, oolong and pu-erh), as well as South African rooibos and Egyptian chamomile. Our mission is to find the world’s most fantastic Fair Trade and organic teas, and deliver them to you as sustainably as possible. From our Carbonfree® business practices to our backyard compostable packaging, our vision is to remain organic to a tea™

Top Quality Fair Trade Tea

Any tea devotee knows that not all teas are created equal. Realizing this, we at Arbor Teas perform extensive comparative tasting whenever we consider adding a new Fair Trade tea to our catalog. We select our tea inventory with quality, organic certification and Fair Trade certification in mind. If a particular tea isn't up-to-snuff, we simply won't offer it.

Why Aren't All of Our Teas Fair Trade Certified®?

The Fair Trade movement in the tea industry is still growing, and many authentic varieties remain unavailable in a Fair Trade Certified® form. However, we search constantly for new Fair Trade Certified® teas meeting our standards, and will add them to our inventory as they become available. Additionally, because Fair Trade focuses on the developing world, teas from Japan (where fair market and labor conditions already prevail) will not be found under the Fair Trade Certified® label.

Fair Trade Communities

The best tea gardens and cooperatives understand that high-quality specialty teas depend on the people and the environment that produce them. Fair Trade Certification verifies and acknowledges the commitment of these producers to meeting internationally-recognized Fair Trade standards. We work with several Fair Trade communities to supply our organic teas and tisanes including the Singampatti Oothu Estate, Korakundah Estate, and Makaibari Estate in India, and the Da Zhang Shan Cooperative in China, to name a few! Learn more about our Fair Trade Communities.