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Organic Honeybush

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A caffeine-free infusion, our Honeybush is light-bodied, slightly sweet organic herbal tea with hints of toasted grains. This organic African tea has a woody aroma with notes of eucalyptus. Indigenous to South Africa, honeybush was discovered in the 1700's when local inhabitants realized that the flowers, stems and leaves from this plant could be used to make a drink that had a pleasant taste with honey-like flavor. Generally the plant is cut right down to the ground during harvesting. The remaining roots do not die however, and within two years they have grown into harvestable size again, quite often nearly twice the size of the original bush.

Ingredients: organic South African honeybush


Serving Size: one level teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water

Staff Perspectives


Aubrey Says: It may seem silly to say, but the aroma and taste of this organic tea reminds me of Africa.


Jeremy Says: Many people ask us how Honeybush and Rooibos differ in flavor - in my opinion, I believe Honeybush is woodier, lighter in body and less tart.

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  1. Happy surprise!

    Posted by Yen-Wen on 12th Oct 2016

    When I thought about earthy taste, I was not sure about if that would be a pleasing experience. It turned out WONDERFUL, I would regret if I never tried it! It's a happy surprise for me!
    It's really pleasant taste with light body. It's slightly sweet so no need for sugar at all! Wow, what a find!
    I will be back for more for sure!

  2. Interesting Tea

    Posted by Robin K. on 15th Dec 2014

    I was surprised by the deep reddish color of this herbal tea. It has an earthy smell, and somewhat woody taste, followed by honey-like sweetness. I would like to try a red rooibos tea at the same time to compare, since the taste was similar. A good herbal option for evening.

  3. Comforting!

    Posted by Joey on 16th Mar 2014

    I loved this tea on any cold day! A perfect tea to serve hot with milk! sweet and a little earthy, I love it!

  4. An excellent reddish tea

    Posted by Tom, Celeste and Carmen on 5th May 2012

    I ordered the honeybush tea on a whim - I was looking for a good mint tea (which I also ordered), and saw the honeybush. It looked interesting, so I decided to try it. It did not disappoint. When I opened the bag, the smell of honey wafted out. My 6 year old had her nose planted into the bag, smelling the scent - I had to pry it out of her hands. After brewed, I had it plain, my girls had it with a little honey (redundant, I know). Both ways were very good. I saved some for iced tea, which was also refreshing and tasty.

    Just one other note - I was very impressed with the prompt delivery of the order, and the fact that the owners had included a hand written comment thanking me for the order. Very nice touch.

    Highly recommend

  5. Wow

    Posted by Georgina R on 12th Jan 2012

    Both dry and steeped, it smells like honey. It makes a beautiful reddish brown tea that tastes very smooth and sweet. I like my tea sweetened with stevia, but I did not add any to this tea. We got 3 cups out of a serving, and my husband is steeping another one as I type.

  6. Honeybush Tea

    Posted by JoAnne Klingerman on 3rd Jan 2009

    This tea is so flavorful and needs little or no sweetening. I've tried it on family and friends and have yet to find someone who didn't rave about it. I can't decide if I like it more for its flavor or for it's superior antioxidant level.


We at Arbor Teas firmly believe that tea should be brewed to suit your personal taste. With that being said, here are some recommendations to get you started, but please remember you can make adjustments based on your own personal taste.

There are three main considerations when brewing tea: quantity of tea, water temperature and steeping time.


Quantity of tea: one level teaspoon per 8 oz cup of water


Water temperature: use water that has been heated to a full rolling boil (212° F)


Steeping time: 5-7 minutes

Tip #1: Use fresh water whenever possible - water that has been sitting in your kettle overnight may impart a flat or stale taste to your tea. Be careful not to boil your water for too long. Over boiled water can sometimes impart an unwanted taste.

Tip #2: Herbal teas, unlike tea from the plant camellia sinensis, do not get astringent with longer brew times. So if you happen to steep longer than 7 minutes, don’t worry! Your herbal tea will gain more flavor, but it will never become astringent!

Learn more from our How To Guides on how to brew loose leaf tea, how to make iced tea, and how to make tea lattes. And don’t forget to check out our Eco-Brewing Tips, too!

Honeybush Tea Jelly

Honeybush Tea Jelly

Honeybush tea jelly makes fantastic PB & J sandwiches! Its woody sweetness balances the tartness of the homemade apple pectin used to thicken the jelly and it is naturally caffeine-free - perfect for the kids! It can also be combined with nuts and spices and stuffed into apple dumplings... Check here to view the full recipe for Honeybush Tea Jelly.!