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Celebrate Spring with These 4 Matcha Recipes

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It may be a bit early to declare that spring has arrived (at least here in Michigan!), but we’re celebrating anyway by pulling together four of our favorite matcha recipes into a single post. Whether you want to celebrate one of the greatest treats of spring’s harvest (matcha, of course), or you want to celebrate a certain March holiday by turning everything green, these recipes will get you in the spirit!

For Breakfast, a Warming Matcha Smoothie

You can totally blend up this warming matcha smoothie any time of day but its hearty ingredients (oats, banana, dates, and almond milk, to name a few) make this smoothie particularly good for breakfast. And because the matcha is blended right in, you can skip your morning cup of tea. (Or… not!)

For Dinner, Matcha Ravioli with Spring Pea Garlic Pesto

Mom always said to eat your greens and, thanks to its matcha-infused pasta and spring pea pesto, this matcha ravioli is green to the core. (It’s also a tablespoon of butter and three eggs away from being vegan, so those of you who are expert recipe modifiers can go to town.)

For Dessert, Matcha Panna Cotta

This matcha panna cotta recipe combines matcha with cream, milk, sugar and gelatin to make a deceptively simple yet sinful dessert. Pair it with your favorite brewed green tea to take the edge off the sugared sweetness. Genmaicha might be a nice choice for a sweet-and-savory experience.

For Your Office St. Patty’s Day Party, Matcha Cake with Kukicha-Infused Whipped Cream

Oh, how impressed they’ll be when you show up to the office party with this cake, infused with two different kinds of Japanese green tea. Our matcha cake is light and sweet with just enough matcha to keep things interesting. Pair it with a cup of matcha or brew a pot of sencha to share with the gang.

Note: When cooking with matcha, we recommend using cooking grade matcha, which is a bit more affordable, than our ceremonial grade matcha, which is best used for whipping up a contemplative bowl of tea.