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Thinking Outside the Pot: Cooking with Tea from the Kitchen of Olivia!

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From the Kitchen of OliviaWe at Arbor Teas want to inspire you to think outside the pot. Yes, a perfectly steeped cup of tea holds much tradition and most definitely nourishes the body and mind, but there are many more ways - both savory and sweet - to use these fragrant leaves. Think saturating as an infusion into milk or cream, stocks or sauces, crushing to form a substantial base for a dry rub, or heating directly in the frying pan as you would to coax the intensity from any spice layered into a stir-fried-type dish. The possibilities are endless, invite much creativity and encourage playfulness.

But first, an introduction is in order. I’m Olivia, an avid baker and home cook who occasionally blogs about my kitchen exploits. I must disclose I have no formal culinary training, although ironically I have a background in gustatory science. I also have an immense passion for food and very encouraging (and happily satiated) family and friends. Two of which, Jeremy and Aubrey of Arbor Teas, have asked me to share with you recipes that use their organic loose leaf teas. I hope you enjoy!